Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our commitment to you

In order to improve the quality of service we offer, TireIQ collects and stores certain information about its users. We treat all such information with great care and will never sell or otherwise pass on this information to third parties except when it is required to do so as part of a TireIQ service or under law.

What information do we collect?

  • Personal information which you provide voluntarily (such as your email address) when you register or otherwise interact with the product (Product includes TireIQ device, the mobile app, the backend servers, all software and websites).
  • Information collected by TireIQ about your tire type and current health, your driving habits which include but are not limited to driving hours, distance, speed and terrain type while driving your vehicles that are fitted with TireIQ. How is that information used?
  • We use a customer’s email in order to uniquely identify a customer when logging in to their account. We also use that email as the primary point of contact for each account and for providing additional information relating to TireIQ
  • The data collected by TireIQ will be used to form and train predictive algorithms that would benefit the user by helping mitigate risks associated with driving and increasing the economy of their vehicles. Inherently, ML and AI algorithms become more powerful and accurate, the larger and more diverse the pool of data.
  • We may publish anonymous, aggregated data relating to TireIQ such as total miles driven and average tire health of users. It will never be possible to personally identify any customer from these statistics. We may present such statistics to investors from time to time to promote the causes of our company. We will also provide such data to the relevant authorities if obliged to comply with a law or other legal process.

Is my data secure?

We have taken every effort to ensure that your data is as secure as possible when using TireIQ. Data collected from TireIQ devices would be stored securely on servers located in India and no private information of any user would be shared on any condition with any other user or with any non-governmental agency.

Changes to this policy

Aryabhata Circuits and Research Labs Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time. The most up to date version of this policy will always be available at

Further information

If you want more information on the use of your private information after reading this document, we are perfectly happy to respond to your question directly at